The Right Age for Orthodontic Treatment

Young Children

Dr. Levy along with the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends that a child receive his or her first orthodontic examination no later than age 7. Early diagnosis and treatment can correct small problems before they develop into large concerns.

Typical signs of the need for an orthodontic exam may include, but are not limited to, the early or late loss of teeth, difficulty in chewing, mouth-breathing, finger sucking, crowded teeth, jaw dysfunction, a retruded or protruding jaw or misaligned teeth. Signs of potential orthodontic problems may not be obvious. Our initial exams are done at no-charge and are the most sensible means to assure proper oral health.


A healthy smile is a confident smile, and we believe that every young person deserves this opportunity. Orthodontic treatment from Dr. Levy can provide your teenagers with a solution that can often enhance their self-esteem.

Surprisingly orthodontics is more than simply straightening crooked teeth. An overbite, under bite, a retruded or protruding chin, or dysfunctional bite are problems that can be corrected with orthodontic treatment. Proper tooth and jaw alignment are critical to achieving long-term oral health.


Today's general public is well informed, especially when it comes to proper health. What today's adults may not know is that it is never too late to realize a perfect and healthy smile for themselves. Adult orthodontic treatment is becoming more and more popular every day. Advances in technology now provide for more comfortable treatment and quicker results.

As we age, misalignment of the teeth is very common, even if you have had braces earlier in life. Often simple therapy is the answer to gaining or regaining a perfect and healthy smile. With fewer office visits, and the availability of aesthetic braces or Invisalign treatment, there is no reason why every adult shouldn't have the perfect smile.

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